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“The Tax Legends Interviews may be the most complete chronicle anywhere of the practice and events of the federal tax law in the United States over the last 50+ years.” –Lawrence B. Gibbs.
Stanley Johanson Classroom 1/29/2013
Stanley Johanson
Professor Stanley Johanson of the University of Texas School of Law is and has been ranked as one of the elite law professors, an approbation bestowed upon him consistently for a period now approaching 50 years. Since 1963, Professor Johanson has taught Property Law, Wills and Trusts and Estate Planning at UT Law School. Accompanying the interview with him as part of the Texas Tax Legends series, we were fortunate to be able to film him teaching first year Property Law in the spring semester 2013. If you wonder the source of his teaching excellence, take a look at the film and his classroom magic.

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